As you can see, Phase II of the storm drainage upgrade has started. Here is some general information of what can be expected.  Phase II ~ Wallace St (Franklin to Jefferson) Starting March 19, 2018 – June 2018 The site foreman for LAD generally stops work each day (did not get a time) to maintain access to driveways overnight. In the rare case it is not feasible, parking is typically available adjacent to construction with sidewalk access being maintained at all times. LAD will communicate with homeowners to prevent anyone from being stuck in their driveway and unable to leave for the day. Regarding utilities: Electrical service should not be interrupted at any time. The water main will be installed and tested and then each home “cut over” outage being less than 4 hours. Again, the contractor will provide ample notice and complete the work after residents have left for work or prior to a typical return of 5-6 pm to help prevent inconveniences.

City of Columbia Contact: Alan Cockrell 803.413.1843