Welcome to the neighborhood! We’re so glad you’ve joined us. Here is some helpful information to orient you to historic Cottontown.
School Information
School District: Richland One

  • Logan Elementary School
    • 815 Elmwood Avenue
    • 803-343-2915
  • St. Andrews Middle School
    • 1213 Bluefield Road
    • 803-731-8910
  • Columbia High School
    • 1701 Westchester Drive
    • 803-731-8956
City Government

City of Columbia

Mayor: Steve Benjamin

City Council District 1: Sam Davis

City Council At-Large: Howard Duval


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Richland County Council
County Council consists of 11 members who are elected in the November general elections from single member districts for four-year terms beginning Jan. 1 of the year following their election. Council elects a chair and vice chair for a one-year term at its first meeting in January following the general election.

Council conducts its business first through the standing committees, the Administration and Finance Committee and the Development and Services Committee, as well as ad hoc committees formed to address more specific concerns. The committee meetings, held on the fourth Tuesday of every month, serve as a forum for discussion of issues in order for a recommendation to be made to the full Council. Council’s regular session meetings typically take place on the first and third Tuesdays of every month. On the second Tuesday, Council generally holds a work session to discuss large and complex issues that require more deliberation before any formal Council action is taken. The meeting dates and times for the committee and Council meetings are subject to change; however, proper notice is given to the public of meetings through the news media.

County Council enacts legislation in one of three ways: general ordinances, emergency ordinances and resolutions. General ordinances are the most formal and binding type of Council legislation. An ordinance may be introduced by a member of Council. General ordinances apply to tax levies, property disposition, leases, contracts, large purchases and other significant undertakings. Each ordinance requires three readings of the legislation that occur during three separate Council meetings prior to adoption. The first reading is done by title only with no opportunity to amend. The second reading may include a public hearing on the matter, and any Councilmember may propose amendments at this time. Third reading of an ordinance cannot be given until at least seven days after the second reading, and it may also be designated as a public hearing. If adopted by the majority of Council, the proposed ordinance becomes official.

The functions of County Council are to:

  • Adopt and amend ordinances and resolutions
  • Determine how much money is to be spent for what purposes, according to the needs and priorities set by Council
  • Determine what County taxes are to be levied
  • Approve contracts, agreements and bids
  • Appoint residents to various boards and committees



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County Council District: 4

County Council Representative:

Paul Livingston

2308 Park Street
Columbia, SC 29201
Phone:  (803) 765-1192
Business:  (803) 738-7655
Email: [email protected]
Term expires: 2018


Voting Information

Voting Precinct: Ward 4

Precinct Location: Logan Elementary School, 815 Elmwood Avenue, Columbia, SC 29201

US 6th Congressional District:

US Senators: Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott

US Representative District 6: James Clyburn

SC Senate District 20:  Richard Harpootlian

SC House District 74: Todd Rutherford


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